Notice of re-opening of the Artizon Museum


Artizon Museum has been temporarily closed since March 2 in order to prevent the spread of infectious coronavirus. We are pleased to announce that the museum will re-open as scheduled from March 17 to provide visitors with the last opportunities to enjoy our current exhibition.


•The museum has a designated date and time reservation system, thereby providing an environment for viewing the exhibitions in comfort with the number of people limited in time slots.
•Also the galleries use the latest replacement air conditioning system, so the air is constantly being refreshed.


When planing to visit our museum, please reserve a ticket on our museum website.


In order to maintain safe and comfortable viewing, we would ask visitor`s kind understanding regarding the precautions we take in the museum.


•At present we are providing alcohol disinfectant at the museum entrance, and in addition we are particularly diligent in disinfecting and cleaning places touched by hands, such as elevators, escalators and rest rooms.
•Our staff will wear masks.
•The Museum Café and Shop will also be open.
•Learning programs planned for March (gallery talks and family programs) will be cancelled.
•Further changes may occur depending on future circumstances and visitors are advised to check the museum website for the latest information.


【Your cooperation will be vital to other visitors】


• Visitors with symptoms of fever or colds should refrain from coming to the museum.
• When coughing or sneezing, please comply with the “cough etiquette” of properly covering your mouth with a mask or handkerchief.
• Please keep your hands clean by diligently washing or disinfecting them.
• If your physical condition deteriorates while in the museum, please seek assistance from a nearby member of our staff.


【Refunds for the purchased tickets】


Refund will be offered to those who have purchased tickets for March 17 to March 31 ­on request. For details please call free dial (0570-075-222) or send an email (

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