拡大《View of Ginza Street》

    KISHIDA Ryusei

    《View of Ginza Street》

    c.1911  Oil on canvas

    This painting is thought to depict Ginza Avenue, near Kishida Ryusei’s family home. His family’s company made and sold eyedrops and other medications in Ginza 2-chome. The redbrick building on the corner and the streetcar visible at the far right are motifs that symbolized the Ginza. Ryusei had become interested in the Post-Impressionists, who he had learned about through the magazine Shirakaba, and was fascinated by the powerful colors and glowing light of van Gogh’s style. The bright colors of the street, bathed in strong sunlight, cover more than half the picture plane, generating impressive contrasts.

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    《View of Ginza Street》