拡大《Belle-Île, Rain Effect》

    Claude MONET

    《Belle-Île, Rain Effect》

    1886  Oil on canvas

    Brittany is a region of France loved by many artists. Monet spent time in Brittany on Belle-Ile, “Beautiful Isle,” south of the Bretagne Peninsula. While there, from September through November, 1886, he celebrated his forty-sixth birthday. About forty oil paintings by Monet are known to have been produced on Belle-Ile. In this one, the Guibel Rock in Port-Domois occupies the center of the picture. The distant rocks are hazy in the rain. The rain, pouring almost sideways, is rendered with a diagonal touch and the whitecaps with curved lines. This work brilliantly captures the violent surface of the sea.

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    《Belle-Île, Rain Effect》