拡大《Tadasu-no-Mori Forest in Autumn Rain》

    YOKOYAMA Taikan

    《Tadasu-no-Mori Forest in Autumn Rain》

    1919   Color on silk

    It appears as if rain is falling in the forest, as fine as an autumn mist, or perhaps the rain has just stopped. The air is richly moist, and the outlines of trees, fences, and lanterns are hazy. Tadasu no Mori is a forest associated with Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto. It has been a beloved sacred place since ancient times, and was celebrated in the waka poetry of the Heian period. This painting was shown in Osaka in 1919 as part of a Takashimaya exhibit entitled Rakuchu Rakugai Ame Judai (Ten Scenes of Rain in and around Kyoto). It is one of a series of works depicting famous places in Kyoto in the rain in different seasons and times of day, along with Rain at Sanjo Ohashi, Evening Rain at Katata, Uji River Thunderstorm, Rain at Tatsumi Bridge, Early Summer Rain at Yawata, Misty Rain at Higashiyama, Late Autumn Rain at Fushimi, Spring Rain at Arashiyama, and Showers on the Lake.

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    《Tadasu-no-Mori Forest in Autumn Rain》